No need to go directly to the purchasing company, you can choose how to buy online by choosing one of the following ways to buy:

Option 1: Call Hotline: 084 9244789 from 8h00-22h00 (both Sun & holidays) to order, our staff is always ready to serve, advise and support you to buy the product you like.

Option 2: Order online on website:

Step 1: Find what to buy

You can visit website to find and select products you want to buy in several ways:

+ Using the search box above, type the name of the product you want to buy (you can find 1 product …). The website will provide you with accurate suggestions to choose:

+ Use the product menu of the website: Healthcare

Select the type of product you want to buy: Fireless Cupping Therapy

Step 2: Order products After selecting the product you want to buy, you proceed to place an order by:

+ Click the Add to Cart button if you also want to buy the product.

+ Fill in the purchase information according to the steps on the website:

+ Fill in personal information:

+ After successfully placing an order, MidaMec will contact you to confirm and complete the procedure.
In addition to the above ways, to make a purchase at MidaMec, you can also chat directly with the company’s consultant for advice and order products.

1. We only accept orders when we provide enough accurate information about address and phone number. After you place your order, we will get back in touch to check the information and agree on more relevant things.
2. Some sensitive cases: the order value is too large & the delivery time in the evening delivery address in the alley or may lead to danger. We will actively contact you to agree on a specific delivery time.
3. The company commits that all goods sent to you are 100% new genuine goods (with full invoices). Risks arising during transportation (impact, wetness, accidents …) can affect the goods, so please check the goods carefully before signing for receipt. MidaMec will not be responsible for deviations in the form of goods after you have signed to receive the goods.